#CertifiedFreak Box (Pre-Sale)

#CertifiedFreak Box (Pre-Sale)
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Are you a #CertifiedFreak...seven days a week? Even if your aren't, you'll definitely get a tingle or two from a few of the trinkets that come in this naughty book box.

Based off of some of BDE's most memorable scenes, you'll get to experience what a couple of these women took pleasure in doing after swiping right on the popular dating site and hooking up with their perfect match.

Your #CertifiedFreak box comes with autographed copies of all THREE books in the BigDickEnergy.Com series and will include three "freak" bags that were crafted to represent the different levels of freakiness enjoyed by these characters.

The "Beginner" Bag-Is for the basic freak who likes to enjoy simple pleasures.

The "Kinky" Bag-Is for my freaks who enjoy a little double penetration from time to time.

The "Certified" Bag-Well, lets just say, Squatter Bae personally recommended the things included in this one. VIP membership is required.

You will definitely be able to make "his" pull out game weak with this one ladies. Be safe and please indulge in a few mouthwatering orgasms for me.