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Newest Release

The Wine Down

BOOK 2 in the Brenton Romance Shorts is NOW AVAILBLE!

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Gavyn Rockwell is a thriving business owner who has dreams of expanding her wine and cigar bar, The Wine Down, even if that means losing the only man that she's ever loved. Blair Hendrix is living his best life after moving to a new town and falling in love with the beautiful entrepreneur who literally took his breath away at first sight. Everything with this couple seems to be going just fine until Gavyn gets this crazy notion that her relationship with Blair is starting to become more of a distraction to her plans of expanding rather than being a positive addition to her life. Once the break up happens, will these two be able to work through their differences and become the power couple that they're destined to be or will they both be too stubborn to give their budding romance a chance and lose everything?

The Wine Down is the second book in the Brenton Romance Shorts. All though this cute little story can be read as a standalone, characters from the first book in this series, Christmas With You do make guest appearances in this novella.

Christmas With You (Book 1)